Managed Services

Steadily growing data traffic, high security standards and complex applications require professionally managed servers in order to guarantee smooth operation and continual availability.

Our employees in the support and operations centre ensure the operation of your managed services. Backed by our high quality standards and qualified expertise, you can relax.

Housing and Hosting

Configure your systems into our processing centres and benefit from our highly available and reliable infrastructure as well as from round-the-clock monitoring.

Personal service, active monitoring and the coordination of cross-producer support complement the 24x7 service with defined SLAs. You can decide whether you want to buy or lease regularly maintained, managed and updated servers.

As Austria’s biggest hosting platform for media, we supply over 1.7 billion page impressions per month and at peak times generate traffic of more than 30 Gbit/s. The issue of availability and reliability is of utmost priority for us. For this reason service operations and processes in accordance with ISO 20000-1 (IT service management) are certified by TÜV-AUSTRIA (Austrian Association for Technical Inspection).

  • Physical hardware or virtual servers
  • Shared and cost-efficient use of a highly available infrastructure
  • Highest standard of high-performance and highly available systems
  • Service from conception and installation to production operations
Cloud Services
Disaster Recovery

Unforeseeable incidents such as natural disasters or hacker attacks can put your sensitive business data at risk. In the event of outages or exceptional circumstances it is essential that your operating systems, servers and information are restored as quickly as possible.

Take precautions and safeguard your information with the APA-IT disaster recovery solution. Benefit from our expertise as well as our fail-safe data processing centres. Whether small or medium-sized companies – customised on the basis of your needs, our flexible back-up environment, which is safeguarded at multiple levels, offers round-the-clock optimal stability for your IT processes.

  • No business losses due to unforeseeable disruptions
  • Your data are available every day round the clock
  • Hosting in Austria in APA-IT data centres
  • Professional support through experienced APA-IT employees
  • Cost control through clearly-defined service levels
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„We're always on with our portals, APA-IT is, too – that makes them the perfect partner for media companies.“

(Alexis Johann, styria digital one)

„We've cultivated an excellent business relationship with APA-IT for some time. Not only does APA-IT stand out because of its extensive expertise in a variety of IT solutions, it also does so because of its proactive support and individualised approach to various corporate issues. We're happy to have found a committed, competent and reliable partner in APA-IT and look forward to an exceptional level of cooperation in the future.“

(Christian Werding, Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH)

„Our life is digital. Whether private or professional, nearly all information, services, transactions, customer dialogues, etc. are carried out online or in mobile or social networks. For our important projects with ZURICH Group, WINPIN, Raiffeisen, MONDI GROUP, etc. kraftwerk counts on its professional partner APA-IT. We have been cooperating in managed server hosting now for over 5 years and have surpassed the considerable standards of our clients. All of the security and performance tests as well as all major loads were handled and balanced perfectly.“

(Mag. Heimo Hammer, Kraftwerk)

„In addition to the absolutely cost-effective service with respect to the competition, the critical factor in commissioning the order was primarily the service and support structures: the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (ÖGB) and its seven unions are committed to a uniform, common IT infrastructure, but the very different industry-related requirements are an enormous challenge for operation and maintenance. With its support structures APA-IT is best-suited for this.“

(Erhard Frantz, 3-S-IT Dienstleistungen GmbH)