Support for media in the digital age

Through years of cooperation with media companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, APA-IT has become familiar with their range of tasks and, due to the resulting expertise, has become THE service provider for media and media-related companies.

As a specialist in the implementation of the digital strategy, APA-IT is able to support its national and international media and publishing clients in nearly every area of relevance through its wide-ranging solution and product portfolio. The aim, on the one hand, is to achieve the most significant possible process improvements  with minor interventions in learned and accepted production processes and, on the other hand, to offer support in the course of the digital transformation.

Optimal use of the opportunities of the digital age requires an intricate link between the new digital display channels and the production processes and products of a media company. The transformation currently underway requires considerable flexibility to be able to easily try something new, continue if successful and stop again if unsuccessful. APA-IT's modular system makes it possible for media and publishing companies to purchase only the functions they need. This ensures the flexibility to be able to rapidly integrate additional systems  and to represent new business models.

Solutions and products for media companies and media-related enterprises:

Central content database (APA Content Hub)
Digital publishing on mobile end devices (Mobile Publishing Suite)
Video services
Multimedia Editorial System (MARS)
Scheduling (MARS Agenda)
Annotation Service
Content Management System (CMS)
Multimedia Online Storytelling
IT Outsourcing
Hosting and (Virtual) Hosting
Cloud Service IaaS

Providing media support in the digital age; policy document (pdf, 1,670.2 KB)